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How much does your organization adhere to regulatory guidelines? Could it do better?


How much does your
organization adhere to
regulatory guidelines? Could
it do better?

Compliance audit in UAE

Al Saham provide audit services of highest standards complying with the international auditing standards and keep up strict quality control procedures. Over the years, we have employed computerized methods that improve the efficiency of our audit reports.

Compliance audit in UAE is a critical component that evaluates the mandatory regulations depending on the nature of business. We ensure compliance audit for various sectors according to the nature of business.

What is compliance audit?

Compliance audit in UAE is performed to ensure that your business is abiding by the laws and regulation related to your specific industry. It also includes all your contractual obligations and whether they have been adhered to as per the law. A compliance audit report is usually required by financial institutions or government bodies to affirm that all the day-to-day activities and operations are being legally complied with the protocols.

Compliance audit in UAE varies business to business. For example, a compliance audit for a financial institution will be regarding personal data, disaster recovery or information backup. Similarly, a medical facility business would be audited regarding personal information, surgery contracts or any other law regarding health facilities.

The scope of compliance audit is as follows,

  • Compliance framework creation
  • Review existing procedures and policies
  • Create compliance policies, define roles, and assign responsibilities
  • Complete assistance in the interpretation of local and international laws
  • Aid in understanding regulatory requirements
  • Assist in risk assessment, its identification and mitigation
  • Review and control compliance management
  • Review and assistance of post-compliance system

Why choose Al Saham compliance audit in UAE?

At Al Saham, we go beyond the conventional approach adopted in compliance auditing. We take a holistic approach by accessing the internal control mechanism of the organization.

  • Systematic approach – We ensure a systematic approach in compliance auditing. Our comprehensive assessment includes an organization’s financial, non-financial, ethical, environmental, and regulatory functions.
  • Alignorganizationany – Compliance audit in UAE is critical in achieving organizational visiorganizationalves.
  • Simple Approach – We ensure a simplistic approach that delivers effective results. Our practical and sustainable compliance auditing services provide the business’s long-term success.

UAE has strict laws on financial compliance and anti-money laundering. These laws apply to the company irrespective of their inland size. Non-compliance may result in several other drawbacks.

To avoid this, we at Al Saham work on systematic compliance audits in UAE, improving your internal controls, asset protection, revenue generation, brand recognition, and profitability. Our team of professional auditors emphasizes regular and statutory requirement updates!