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VAT Returns

Get a Value Added Tax expert to help you file your tax returns accurately and on time.


VAT Returns

Get a Value Added Tax expert
to help you file your tax returns accurately and on time.

VAT Return filing in UAE

VAT return filing is an integral component of VAT system used for the purpose of reporting the VAT collected and paid by the entity to the tax authority during the given specific time period. VAT Return Filing Services in UAE offer comprehensive VAT services with expert professionals to take care of all your VAT affairs and transactions.

Al Saham provides one of the best and leading VAT Return Filing in Dubai ensuring great peace of mind for our clients. We deal with complete VAT affairs and reduce the burden on your business.

What is VAT return filing in the UAE?

VAT return filing simply states how much VAT is to be paid or repaid by the tax authorities. Usually, VAT return is done quarterly and allows businesses to track the right financial path.

While carrying out your business, it’s better to be VAT compliant to avoid any unnecessary kind of penalty that becomes a hindrance in the way.

How companies process VAT return filing in the UAE?

Businesses file their VAT return using FTA or Federal tax authority portal and enter the details on VAT 201 form. The taxpayer should log in to the FTA e-services portal and access the VAT 201-VAT return form.

After submitting the application with all the required details, FTA confirms the submission of VAT return form through an email. After submitting VAT return, the taxpayer should pay the due tax through any of the payment channels like exchange houses, E-dirham, online transfer, over the counter payment, etc.

Significance of VAT Return Filing in the UAE

Implementing VAT filing process or being VAT compliant protects your business with a legal assurance. VAT holds the upper hand in the arena of tax payments and avoids any financial loss.

VAT return filing services in UAE offers the following benefits,

Penalties and fine associated with VAT Return filing in the UAE

VAT fines and penalties are charged in UAE for non-compliance of VAT laws. Some of the VAT fines and penalties applicable to a VAT registered person in case of any non-compliance,

Some of the common errors businesses make while VAT Return Filing in the UAE

Misinterpretation of VAT legislation has resulted in lot of mistakes related to input tax deduction. VAT legislation allows reclaiming input VAT paid to the suppliers of goods and services.

How Al Saham assist you in VAT return filing services in UAE?

Al Saham has been dealing with businesses in setting their accounts, taxation, and finance domain. We have been developing outstanding services and retaining happy clients at a global level.

Our VAT services include the following

VAT is not a tedious process with Al Saham; our business experts start from the scratch and deal VAT affairs with great transparency.

We ensure better understanding of your business and maximize your profit by providing the best VAT return filing in Dubai, We share your burden, providing dedicated VAT return filing services in UAE. Our qualified tax experts guide you through all the rules and regulations as well as updated VAT laws in the Emirates.