Al Saham Auditing Accountants


Forensic and Special

We reconstruct the past to give you a clear picture about what took place.


Forensic and Special

We reconstruct the past to
give you a clear picture
about what took place.

Forensic Accounting

Our team of experts, comprising of more than eight chartered accountants and other seasoned forensic accounting professionals apply a unique approach and methodology which is then further tailored to each specific requirement and environment.
As Your trusted forensic accounting advisor, our team of seasoned professionals will assist you in conducting complex forensic accounting investigations and recommend the appropriate corrective action. Our services include fraud, complex financial investigations and regulatory inspections.

Accounting Litigation Support

All organisations will invariably, from time to time, be involved in accounting litigation and arbitration processes. Here our team can assist you in providing expert witness testimony and advice throughout the whole litigation or arbitration process including contractual disputes, quantification of losses and expert witness support.

Fraudulent Financial Reporting

Due to various limitations within the audit function, including sampling and quantitative materiality limits, no regularity audit can be expected to detect all financial irregularities in the financial statements. Our professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and experience to detect financial misstatements emanating from fraud and financial crime.

Net-worth Analysis Investigations

Our specialist team uses several methods to analyse financial profiles including the analysis of income records, financial accounts and tax returns, as well as other information obtained from publicly accessible databases relating to real property, business interests and consumer profiles including Tax Fraud and Lifestyle Audits.

Special Audits

Special audits are needed when it is suspected that laws or regulations have been violated in the financial management of an organisation. In conjunction with investigating violations, audits can be carried out pertaining to duties, authorizations, responsibilities and internal control guidelines, for example. Special audits are often related to corporate reorganisation or bankruptcy. In such cases, the audits are carried out in line with the recommendations of the Advisory Board for Bankruptcy Affairs.

Our special audit experts have broad and extensive experience of circumstances that require audits and organisations of all types and sizes. The scope and focus of a special audit is agreed with the customer on a case-by-case basis.

In addition to the classic year-end audit, several other types of audit will become necessary during the life of a business. Whatever type of audit may need to be carried out, you can be sure that we shall perform it in a goal-oriented and efficient manner.